Liquid Times

by High Inquisitor Woe

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Will They really mix it up - track length, musical styles, vocals, everything. It's like a great eccentric blender full of badass tunes. Really worth grabbing.
Arkham Grand Inquisitor
Arkham Grand Inquisitor thumbnail
Arkham Grand Inquisitor They mix it up well on this impressive debut. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys \m/ Favorite track: Drink Her Blood, Black Serpent.
Markus Solstrykare
Markus Solstrykare thumbnail
Markus Solstrykare Tremendous Reverend Bizarre inspired metal with lengthy songs that keep me hooked throughout. I get a So Long Suckers vibe sometimes (the third track in particular). Certainly the best trad doom band from Belgium I've had the pleasure of hearing. Favorite track: Lady Saliva.
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"Catchy upbeat doom, with groovy riffs and interesting melodies.
I was hooked instantly. If you like psychedelic stuff, you’ll love this. Have a listen!" - OneBandADay

"The band make no bones about the fact that they have been inspired by Black Sabbath and Reverend Bizarre, and they’ve got the skill and the spirit to take that inspiration and create some riveting music. — those gorgeous, fuzzy riffs!" - NoCleanVocals

"This CD is just classic heavy metal, doom, psychedelic rock and has all the way memorable influences taking from 70`s and somehow that feels just great in 2016." - Slawek Migacz / Monarch Magazine


released November 16, 2015

All lyrics and music by High Inquisitor Woe.
Lead vocals and guitars by Glenn "Smalle"
Drums, bass, guitars, and backing vocals by Mathijs "Jos".

Drums recorded at Grindstone Recordings, BE
Bass, guitars, and vocals recorded at Waveshape Audio, BE
Mixed and mastered by Koen Keijers at Waveshape Audio, BE



all rights reserved


High Inquisitor Woe Lommel, Belgium

Formed in late 2014 to produce traditional doom metal in the vein of Black Sabbath, Reverend Bizarre, etc.

HIW is: Glenn - bass & vocals // Mathijs - guitars // Bart - drums // Toon - live guitars

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Track Name: Drink Her Blood, Black Serpent
Henchmen gather, dressed in black
Bloodlust in their eyes, born from a wolfpack

Crawling serpent over ardent sun
Virgin in white, the ritual has begun
Heeding the call of your royal highness
In times before oceans drank Atlantis

Steel is weak, flesh is stronger
The mountain of power, lies dormant no longer

Leaping into the lizard's lair
Come my child do not dispair
Your masters intend for you
No survival but definite doom

Over the hills and into the wide steppes
Through fields and rivers of blood, all subjected to
The cult of snakes, by fang and forked tongue
The world will shake

Drink her blood
Black Serpent
Track Name: Neptune's Trident
I knew the day would come
When with heavy heart
I would kiss my children goodbye
And a wife, whose face looks worrisome

Taking our ship out to sea
Leaving them at the docks
Indeed with heavy heart
This will be the last voyage for me

Return we shall not, ever
Abandon your hopes and dreams
The ride ends here for you all
Chin up, shoulders down, we fight together

The waves they fought us harsh and fierce
The god of oceans angers, threatening all
Lightning towers over us
We fear for our lives, hear the sirens call
Track Name: Lady Saliva
Dance with me on this hallowed eve
I show you to let go of grief
I rape your mind for my own pleasure
Your fear and madness I dearly treasure

Who is this woman appearing in red
Liquid visions, go straight ahead
Figure chanting twisted rhymes
Lingering chaos somewhere beyond time

I became the night, the wind kept howling
Tried to run but the world was no more
A contagious cloud spread over all winds
Ashes fell like rain from the sky

"Witch of Endor, summon me,
Samael Rising"

Eyes sewn closed never saw this clear
It's getting to me, I'm starting to get the fear
Burning flesh, evil stench, maimed limbs, third eye surgery
Ruler in hell, lord of wicked, king of the doomed, god's son on earth
The queen spider, trapped me in her web
Injects her venom in my arteries

The electric sign of the neon rhyme
Keeps haunting my mind
The lady is talking, she keeps on stalking
I cannot escape

Fear me, love me
Caress my body, seeds of evil
Once sown in sin

In the vortex of my 5D prison
At the main nerve, I can't quit now
Entombed in my cave of stone
Rock solid grave, trapped in time